5 Car-Buying Trends that Matter to Auto Dealerships

30 October 2019

Apart from buying a house, the biggest single investment most people make is buying a car. Here are some important car-buying trends that your car dealership should be aware of.

1: Electric Cars

Everyone loves to ‘Save fuel and Go Green’, but so far we do not see these sentiments translating into a big wave of electric cars or hybrids. The roads are largely still not ready for electric cars since adequate facilities for charging cars are not available nation-wide.

While your car dealership needs to sell electric cars and hybrids, it pays to remember that the big Green tsunami is not here yet.

2: New Cars

New car sales is dropping, with buyers moving towards the used-cars industry.

Also, people are getting tired of long and winding dealer documentation processes. Instead, they want to drive away as soon as they buy a car and pay for it.

3: Less of High-end Cars, More of Practical Cars

Car-buyers now prefer cost-effective cars for their daily commute rather than expensive vehicles. Showcasing your lower-end and mainstream cars may prove to be more profitable now.

4: Car Finance

Personal Contract Purchases (PCP) and car financing are on the rise. Car-buyers prefer financing since that offers additional benefits and perks, including additional security, payment flexibility, upgrade option, and more.

5: Automatic Transmission

This one is a no-brainer. One of the obvious car-buying trends in recent years is the popularity of cars with automatic transmission over manual transmission. They are not only easy to drive but also cheaper, efficient, and reliable.

Automotive industry trends are ever-evolving. Keep watching for more to improve your car sales. For more insights into car-buying trends, Contact Us.

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