Avoid These Pitfalls When Marketing Your Auto Dealership Online

23 October 2019

Marketing an automotive dealership on the internet is challenging even at the best of times. No matter how brilliant your products are, there will be instances where you need to go with some trial and error as well. This is definitely true even in the case of automobiles.
In these days, marketing practices change at blinding speeds and, in the hurry to stay in the game, your car dealer website shouldn’t hit a speed bump that allows the competition to overtake you.
In this article, we’ll share a few mistakes that must be avoided when it comes to the online marketing of your auto dealership.
1. Using Images That Are Below Par
This is by far one of the biggest mistakes you can do in online marketing. You may have taken the trouble to create a state-of-the-art marketing campaign and all the strategies it needs to succeed in driving sales of your car dealer website, but it can all be let down the moment you use low quality images.
2. Ineffective Use of Social Media
A lot of car dealers continue to struggle with figuring out how to make use of social media in their marketing initiatives. Many of them fall into the trap of trying to reach out to as many people as possible and appealing to all of them, rather than focusing on their own local community and niches. 
There are also dealers that fail to follow up on strategies and campaigns that they have taken the trouble to come up with.
Another issue that car dealer websites face is that they quickly become stagnant since they post the same content several times, which results in followers losing interest. 
It pays to understand the strengths of different social networks. For example, Facebook is brilliant for sharing posts and building consumer engagement. Visual content works best on Instagram. 
Auto dealerships should also use the newer tools available nowadays to both promote growth and track it.
3. Not Sticking to the Plan
Many car dealer websites create marketing plans with excellent strategies, but they tend to panic and begin modifying them when results don’t appear quickly. ROI (Returns on Investment) takes time to show up, especially if your dealership is new to online marketing. Social media, SEO, and so on are usually slow at the beginning.
Improving search engine rankings and gaining audiences worth marketing to on multiple social media networks usually does take its time. Don’t be in a rush to alter or dump campaigns prematurely.
Instead, what you need to do is keep a close eye on things. If you are sure that your strategy isn’t really yielding the expected results, then go ahead and make the necessary changes.
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