9 Ad Copy Tips to Improve Your Car Dealership’s PPC Performance

23 February 2018



To deliver better pay-per-click (PPC) results, you need to test and fine-tune your ad copy to perfection.

Here are some PPC ad copy tests that will help improve your PPC performance.

PPC Ad Copy Test 1: Test with Long & Short-form Numbers

Grab the attention of your audience with facts and figures. Avoid the temptation of using numerical abbreviations all the time. Instead, test both short and long-form numbers.

For instance, don’t use 12K, or 12,000. Test both.

PPC Ad Copy Test 2: Test with Pricing

Pricing is a two-edged sword in PPC advertising. If you include pricing, then it may help drive more sales than just leads. Conversely, it may also turn off prospects if your price isn’t the best.

If you include pricing, then the way you frame the pricing also matters.

PPC Ad Copy Test 3: Test your Promotional Language

The marketing in the PPC ads is usually crafted with numbers and promotional power-words. It can either be discounts, special offers, rebates, or conditional pricing.

For instance, 40% Off on Car Accessories – Shop Now!

PPC Ad Copy Test 4: Test Punctuation

The simplest test to start is with punctuation like exclamatory mark, question mark, percentage, dollar sign, etc.

These are worth testing with your targeted audience.

PPC Ad Copy Test 5: Test Emotional Drivers

Ads that are compelling at an emotional level usually perform better than others. Emotional drivers will also increase the ads’ click-through rate (CTR).

Gain insights into your customer’s interests and concerns, and test your ads for better resonance.

PPC Ad Copy Test 6: Test CTAs

The first word in your call-to-action (CTA) can create a positive or negative impression on your PPC ad, and it’s important to test and finalize on a high-converting one.

You can try some of these – Book, Call, Buy, Reserve, Try, Join, Sign up, etc.

PPC Ad Copy Test 7: Test your Keywords

Keywords play a major role in creating high-performing ad copy. Always include contextual keywords in your ads. If not, you might attract leads which are unlikely to convert into sales in the short term.

PPC Ad Copy Test 8: Test Display URLs

Your display URLs should let the visitors know what they are expected to get, once they click on the link.

In a way these URLs are like your dealership’s elevator pitch which helps with sales. Pay attention to them.

PPC Ad Copy Test 9: Test your Landing Pages

When prospective customers click on your ad, they land on your landing page. Testing with different landing pages is of prime importance in PPC marketing.

Instead of using a generic page with a form, building dedicated landing pages with short and nimble power copy, a compelling image or short video, and a landing page above the fold.

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