6 Effects of Closing Your Auto Dealership’s AdWords Account

28 February 2018


If you are completely shutting down your AdWords account or neglecting it, then take time to think what happens next.

If you completely stop the campaigns then your car dealership may face long-term negative consequences. 

On the other hand, these might be the reasons why you are thinking of stopping your pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns:

  • You are unable to manage the volume of customers
  • Unable to bear the cost
  • Unable to respond to the calls and fulfill inquiries 

The best way is to address your real concern and continue with PPC campaigns in a modest, cost-effective way, than to shut it down completely.

Here are a few issues with shutting down your AdWords account.

1: Wasted Time

If you stop your campaign for a few days and restart later, then it takes a lot of time to adjust all your settings. 

It’s easier and faster to just pause your campaign or keep it running with reduced spends.

2: Wasted Ad Spends

An unsupervised AdWords account can lead to irrelevant PPC traffic, which in turn leads to irrelevant clicks. 

You need to do the weeding-out every day or you will be continuously wasting your money. 

3: Missing Out on Updates

AdWords features keep improving continuously, and it’s important to stay on top of it. 

If you delete the account for a few months and start all over again later, then you are losing out on information about the updates that happened in-between. Deploying these updated features in your campaigns is essential to improve your ad reach and outrun the competition.  

4: Poor Automatic Adjustments

Google often requests for changes and within a deadline, your account has to adjust to those changes. If your account hasn’t done it within the deadline, Google takes care of it on your behalf. 

These automated changes may be a disadvantage to your account. 

5: Missed Opportunities 

It doesn’t feel good to discover missed opportunities by not monitoring your AdWords account. 

For instance, you are running some ads and one of the options is performing much better than the others. If you have an unmonitored account, the opportunity to focus on the performing ad is wasted.

6: Cost per Click (CPC) Increases

Often, your CPC increases when the account is entirely stopped for some time and reopened again. It might be as high as 2x the initial bid. Your savings from the time you stopped the account will be quickly consumed by the higher CPC.

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