5 Reasons Why Your Dealership Website Traffic Isn't Converting

14 June 2019

For all the efforts to make your auto dealer website look great, function smoothly, and deliver engaging content, the conversion rates are likely around 3%. This means that the vast majority of your website traffic does not interact with your site or allow you to contact them at a later stage.

Keep in mind that these are mostly customers that you have spent your marketing budget on while trying to get them to visit your website in the first place. In simple words, a large chunk of your site traffic isn’t converting. 

In this article, we will find out what might be causing this problem and what your auto dealership can do to fix it.

5_Reasons_Why_Your _Dealership_Website_Traffic_Isn't_Converting

01. Not Enough Content and Tools

Design your car dealership website to be a one-stop shop for all car buying needs. Potential customers should be able to read reviews and view immersive images and video of the vehicles they’re interested in, get the best offers available, see available financing and leasing plans, and so on. 

This is exactly what your online customers want to see, and if you give it to them, you straightaway up your odds of converting them.

02. Customers Being Overwhelmed

If your prospects know exactly which vehicle they want, they might be willing to provide your salespeople with the contact details to begin negotiations. However, if first-time customers are inundated with questions about their personal details, financial status and so on before they make up their minds, the odds of them leaving is certainly high. 

Similarly, asking for too much information too often and too fast on your car dealer website is a mistake that often results in alarmingly low conversion rates.

03. Sub Par Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Even minor changes to the CTAs used on your car dealer website can have a dramatic impact on your conversion rate, and we’re also talking about modifications to placement, font size, color, and so on. 

Even the immediate vicinity of the CTAs are important. For example, if your CTA button is surrounded by a vibrant hero image, it may "wash out” the button itself and make it practically invisible to your car dealer website visitor. 

04. Not Analyzing Your Leads

When visitors browse your website, your web sales funnel must be able to make out visitor intention and direct visitors to appropriate pages. These must include visitor inclinations such as if they are in a hurry to buy, interested more in a vehicle’s features or its safety rating, whether they are also looking at a competitor brand, and so on.

Keep in mind that the website interactions should ideally be as seamless as actual human interactions that your customers would encounter on the showroom floor of your auto dealership, since it can significantly improve both your conversion rates and your sales figures.

05. Not Reaching the Right Viewers

It’s clear that different shoppers need different things. 

The ones who are ready to buy need to see valuation tools, while the ones who are still researching need more information. Those ready to come in for a test drive want to see your specific vehicle offers. It’s only logical for different customers to value the offers best suited for them.

Most of the time however, this is not the case. One of the leading reasons for prospects not converting is non-optimized dealer websites which are not geared to respond to customer behavior in real time. This is not something that is likely to happen in a brick-and-mortar showroom.

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