16 Things to Evaluate the Quality of Your Car Dealer Website – Part I

09 April 2018

 Regular website audits are essential for maintaining the quality of your car dealer website, and it helps to improve your website’s search ranking and sales focus.

Here are some of the important things to remember, when evaluating the quality of your car dealer website.

01. Responsive Car Dealer Website Design

With up to 94% of your prospective buyers visiting your car dealer website on their cell phones, a mobile-friendly responsive website design for your car dealer website is a basic necessity.

Remember, even Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in their search results.

02. Multiple H1 Tags

H1 (Heading 1) tag depicts the webpage’s topic that should appear just once. If multiple H1 tags are used then the focus of the page is altered, which confuses the web crawlers.

03. Easy Crawlability

If there are any 4xx or 5xx errors then this is the right time to solve the issue.

These errors make it difficult for search engines to crawl your website effectively, which adversely affect website performance.

04. Error Page Configuration

It is advisable to display the right error message to indicate pages that are not properly configured. If you use any other error message, it creates confusion while crawling and indexing.

Identifying and rectifying these errors will improve the quality of your car dealer website.

05. Quality of Your Content

Even if you write thin copy, make sure that you produce high-quality content.

Keyword stuffed junk adds no value to your car dealer website, and it helps no one.

06. Website Code

If you are planning to reuse the code from other websites, then definitely expect errors.

it’s always advisable to partner with an experienced auto dealer website provider than trying to develop a website on your own.

07. Schema Markups

Schema Markups are important in obtaining rich snippets, which improves your website’s ranking in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

08. XML Sitemap

One of the things that increase the quality of your website is the XML sitemap. It helps search engines to crawl your website better.

To read the second part of this article, click here. For more information on evaluating of your car dealer website for quality, Contact Us.

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