7 Emotional Factors That Supercharge Your Auto Dealer Content

16 April 2018

In automotive retail, Marketing and Purchase decisions mostly work on emotional factors. Consumers make their buying decisions based on how they feel about the vehicle and the dealership. To sell, car dealers and auto businesses have to work with emotional intelligence.

Here are certain emotional factors that can improve content marketing.

Factor 1: Prioritize Your Audience

Most people need to feel important and liked, and content is the best way to consistently communicate that they really are important to your business. Your marketing campaign will be effective if your content prioritizes the audience.

Create engaging client-centric content rather than always promoting your business.

Factor 2: Make Your Audience Feel Special

The glory of owning something special is a powerful buying trigger, especially when it comes to a unique car that grabs everyone’s attention.

Take this promise to your audience with well-written content, high-quality car images, video, and more.

Factor 3: Your Content Should Always Tell a Story

A compelling story is the best tool to grab your prospects’ attention and emotionally associate them with your business.

Crafting stories around happy customers is a great way to begin.

Factor 4: Add a Hint of Mystery

Adding a little mystery to your title, like a question or a concern, almost always grabs the attention of your future prospects. Anyone would be curious to know what the solution is for this tricky puzzle.

Add the question in your title or leadin-in, and crafting a solution in the body copy almost always works.

Factor 5: Let Your Content Help Your Audience Achieve their Goals

Achieving personal goals is a high-recall factor that spurs your audiences’ attention towards your content. If your automotive content helps your audiences achieve their goals, then they are most likely to come back for more.

Research about your consumers, try to interview them, and create content on how they could achieve their goals.

Factor 6: Break Your Audiences Misconceptions

Another top-recall factor is in breaking your audiences' misconceptions. Car buying has its own share of common misconceptions. Try to tackle them with strong proof, and help your audience get over it.

Surprising facts pack excellent emotional punch that can add more allure to your content. You can also create content that challenges someone’s ideas, but it needs to be backed with relevant data.

Factor 7: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Works

No one wants to miss out on any important update about their car of interest. A sense of urgency and anxiety created in your audience will bring out a positive reaction in them.

Carefully crafted content published on a regular schedule can trigger FOMO in your audience, compelling them to come back again and again for more.

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