10 Tips to Increase Your Car Dealership’s Engagement on Instagram

06 November 2019

With car dealerships competing for attention on Instagram, improving Instagram engagement is not an easy task. Here are 10 tips to increase your auto dealership’s Instagram engagement.

1: Plan Your Content

Instagram is trending and most automotive brands and dealers are quite active on it. So, you need to plan your content well in advance to make it unique and engaging, since it immediately attracts your audience’s attention.

2: Hashtags Please!

Optimize your car dealership’s Instagram posts with relevant hashtags. Try trending hashtags as well as niche-specific hashtags.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in a single post, but just a couple of trending hashtags should be sufficient.

3: High-impact Captions

Posting images alone on Instagram won’t help with increased engagement. You'll have to add engaging captions that encourage your users to spend more time with your post.

4: Include People Images in Your Instagram Posts

Instagram posts with images of people in it, especially happy customers alongside dealership staff, will attract more engagement than just the cars.

Posting people’s photos will also reinforce the image of a people-centric dealership.

5: Provide Information about Your Car Dealership

Prospects would need to know more about your car dealership before they decide to walk in. This is why your business should open up and tell your audience who you are and what they can expect at your dealership.

6: Find the Right Time to Post on Instagram

One of the factors that increase your Instagram engagement is the timing of your posts.

SproutSocial tells us that the best time to post is Wednesday to Friday between 10 am and 11 am. Avoid Sundays.

7: Engage with People in the Automotive Industry

Engaging with people from the same industry will give help bring a professional ambiance around your posts, and this is likely to be noticed by your prospects as well.

8: Engage Before and After the Post

One of the tricks to get more Instagram engagement is to engage with other content shortly before and after your post.

This increases the chances of engaging with a wider audience and more people are likely to visit your profile.

9: Attract Audiences via Instagram Stories

Instagram stories that stay for 24 hours is gaining more traction. Try to add interesting stories on your brand page and look for improved results.

10: Measure Your Results

Don’t forget to measure your results. Monitoring and measuring your results will help you to optimize your Instagram marketing.

For more information on increasing your car dealership’s Instagram engagement, Contact Us.

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