How to Make Data-Driven Marketing Work for Auto Dealerships

14 December 2018

No matter the segment, data is what unlocks an automotive dealers’ competitive advantage. Many dealerships have understood and accepted this fact and as a result, marketing that is powered by data analytics is now being embraced than ever before.

Relevance and Timing

Consumers expect relevant and well-timed messaging across all channels. Dealerships that fail to understand and deliver on this quickly loses consumers, either by sending them away to the competition or simply being forgotten for being too irrelevant.

In this article, we’ll tell you how you can use data and its related aspects to stay on top of prospective customers’ minds.

It’s good data and skilled application of that data at scale that makes the difference. This includes using your CRM data thoughtfully, working with market data from third party players, engaging with data solutions providers and much more. In short, it’s a difficult road to navigate if you’re doing it alone.

This is where companies like FrogData can really help your auto dealership. Data insights are very precise, and good data analytics tools can help dealers analyze customer behavior and make accurate predictions about how and when they will purchase.

Data analytics can also help dealers build customer profiles, segment groups, and automate communication.

Measuring Sales Impact

One of the best aspects of data-driven marketing is that it lets you measure the sales impact of specific campaigns. You can successfully discern which messages connect more with the audience, and which marketing channels bring in more sales than others. Plus, data provides you the information you need to constantly tweak and improve your campaigns.

The fact that auto dealerships can personalize data is another huge plus when it comes to marketing. Data-driven marketing strategies are centred around satisfying the customer. With data analytics, you can identify the needs and wants of your customers that influence their car buying decisions. Then you can send specific messages that stick to those customers.

Incorporating the data intelligence provided by data analytics, dealerships can come up with sound e-commerce strategies to take advantage of the online shift, reaching out to prospects and leads with concise messaging and ensuring engagement ease as these customers move through the sales funnel.

For more information on how vehicle dealerships can use techniques driven by data to boost the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and to know how FrogData can support your auto dealership, Contact Us.

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