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Go Ahead, Select Your Customers
Target Anyone, by Any Criteria. From your own street to the other side of the globe. With 1.2 billion active users on FB alone, social is the perfect medium to get customers.



Leads, Not Likes

Meet the next generation, algorithm driven, scientific marketing solution that actually generates leads.

Take your social marketing to the next level with izmo.



New Lead generation

izmo allows you to target specific prospects - by profession, location, marital status, kids, schools…even pets.

izmo's powerful analytical platform fine tunes this as we learn. Get ahead of the game, beat others in your profession, and be a winner.



Lead Remarketing

Lead Re-Marketing gives a second life to your unsold prospects.

Find prospects where they spend the majority of their time. Engage with them across devices, and target customers most likely to purchase.



Third Party Lead Marketing

Third Party leads have the lowest closing ratios, but there are ways to make third party leads work for you.

 To begin with, get closer - go from being an anonymous provider to being on their social pages. Reinforce your name and generate a confirmation lead to drive them to your doorstep, ahead of your competition.



Follow-on Services Marketing

Drive your service business with izmo. Build long-term relationships with customers and target them at  their next scheduled touch-point with customized offers and relevant messages, to grow follow-on services revenue.



Pixel Marketing

Only about 3-4% of your website visitors send leads. Over 95% of them go away without you ever knowing who they were.

Facebook however, knows who visited your website. With Pixel Marketing, your ad appears when they login to Facebook.
They will recall your website and click, and you will get more leads than before.



Going Social? Try izmo

For a comprehensive social marketing solution across Google, Facebook, and more, try izmo.


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