Data Analytics and Business Insights

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Leverage data to transform your dealership
Variable Operations


Lead prediction, customer insights, deal pricing – maintain gross and increase sales, with data analytics. 

The heart of any dealership is its sales department. It's a constant battle to maintain gross while increasing sales. Fortunately, there is always room for improvement. A well-trained sales team can sell 2x better, when empowered with customer insights by izmo.



Typically an empowered F&I department has the potential to generate $1,500 or more in gross profits per vehicle, and the data is right there, in your dealership CRM and customer logs. Partner with izmo to leverage your data and generate more profits.


Fixed Operations



Over 90% of delighted customers would prefer to buy their future cars from the same dealership.

A streamlined, knowledge-driven service department helps you to reduce workforce bench-time to virtually zero, and significantly improve vehicle turnaround time, cost-of-service, and cost-to-customer. Improve your revenue and profits beyond conventional benchmarks with the power of business insights from izmo.



With hundreds of thousands of parts & accessories in stock, the parts department has significant scope for performance improvement. Idle inventory alone is one of the biggest profit bottlenecks. 

Transform your parts department from a Spares Store to Profit Powerhouse, with izmo.



As the millennial workforce grows, dealers need to adapt how they manage their employees without sacrificing productivity.

izmo will unearth employee behavioral and work patterns, which in turn will help you identify and popularize best-practices that deliver results without workforce resistance, reward role models and help them nurture others, creating a peer-led, productive workforce.



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