Take your cars to customers, with VR

07 March 2017

Take your cars to customers, with VR

Dealer Marketing Magazine has made it official. Virtual Reality experiences are about to transform automotive retailing, and leading the paradigm shift is izmoVR.

After exploring the whole of NADA 100 - the Who's Who of North American car marketing - Dealer Marketing Magazine zeroed in on just 12 service providers who are likely to make the most impact. izmocars is right in the middle of the list, introducing the path-breaking izmoVR virtual reality vehicle experience to OEMs and dealers.

VR and Extended Selling Spaces

Presently, izmocars is the only automotive marketing company in the VR space who can equip OEMs and dealers out of the box with the power of virtual reality experiences - not only in dealerships, but in extended selling spaces as well, which can be kiosks in shopping malls, airports, and more.

In tandem with creating the world's first true CGI automotive model library, izmocars has also developed the izmoVR Virtual Reality Platform that significantly reduces the development cycle of automotive VR products. The platform gives izmocars the capability to rapidly deliver virtual reality products to OEMs, dealers, advertising agencies, and others at a lower cost than any other provider in the market today.

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 "Try and Buy’ - Selling Cars with VR

How exactly do you sell cars with VR?

In an experiential world where "try and buy” is the norm, VR can reinforce or even replace traditional selling techniques using brochures or two-dimensional online content with a near reality experience provided by izmoVR.

Not only does it deliver the entire content in a car brochure in a few minutes flat, it also engages prospects in an exciting and playful discovery mode.

Immersive VR experiences significantly ease consumer resistance to actually buying the car. For example, short of test-driving a car, the only other way for users to actually experience the "space” and legroom of a car is to try it in virtual reality.

VR Experiences: Selling in the Discovery Mode

The Google Zero Moment of Truth Automotive study clearly states that prospects list in-person experiences like visiting a dealership and test-driving a car as the most influential in the entire buying cycle.

In traditional car selling, this in-person experience usually kicks in towards the end of a punishing 2-3 month customer cycle over which OEMs and dealers have very little control. By providing an immersive "Try and Buy” experience early on in the buying cycle, brands and dealers can significantly shorten this cycle and bring in significantly more customers into the showroom.

Selling cars with VR: The Rev VR Podcast

Tej Soni, CEO of izmocars and Brian Wiklem, Director of Multimedia, in conversation with Rev Kyle, of Rev VR Studios.

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