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From high-performance dealer websites and portals, mobile sites, search marketing, and social media to OEM Certified Automotive CRM and lead management solutions, service management, email marketing, telephone integration, and dealer performance consulting, our solutions drive some of the most successful car dealerships in the country.

iCRM: OEM Certified Auto Dealer CRM

Take Control of your Customers and their Social Networks

iCRM is a web-based, Enterprise-class Customer Relationship Management Solution offered to you as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). iCRM enables you to create lifetime customer relationships with consistant customer engagement and informed customer interactions. It helps you communicate what's happening at your store including special offers or campaigns that will benefit your customers. Once the customer is ready to purchase, iCRM can handle the transaction from start to finish using iDesk and iF&I.

The iCRM Social Media Plugin helps you to identify and communicate with your customers and prospects on Social Media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Linked-In.

iLM: OEM Certified Lead Management Solution

Includes Phone Integration, Click to Call, Email, & Social Media

iLM is an OEM certified lead management solution designed to automate, streamline, and manage the Internet sales process at car dealerships. Our web-based solution is simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and painless to maintain. With lead routing, sales dashboards, and campaign management, iLM enables dealerships to effortlessly set up a BDC.

iLM provides access to detailed customer information across multiple stores in a single screen while integrated tools help team members communicate with prospects and manage customer activities.

iEquity: Database Marketing Wizard

Find customers in equity and market to them using iEquity

Customers who are told they can drive a new car for what they are paying for their old car are motivated buyers. iEquity helps you identify these prospects in your database.

iEquity is an owner-in-equity database marketing tool, available to you as an addon to iCRM. This database marketing wizard gives you the ability, to quickly and easily discover customers in your database who are in an equity position based on your criteria.

Once you have identified these prospects, you can send laser-focused, content-rich email campaigns using in-built tools.

izmoWeb: High - Converting Dealer Websites

Search friendly Virtual Showrooms that sell way more cars

izmoWeb combines intuitive user interface design, interactive car media, and a search marketing friendly web architecture to create intelligently designed car dealer websites that show up on top of web searches and deliver outstanding results.

izmoWeb dealer websites are designed to drive customers to all of your profit centers, including new cars, used cars, F&I, service, and accessories. Our flexible web architecture ensures that your website is customized to your dealer brand and mapped to local customer preferences in every aspect.

izmoMobi: The PERFECT* Mobile Website

Take your dealership to customer's cell phones

izmoMobi is a mobile website solution that takes your auto dealership to prospective customers through their mobile phones. Its advanced functionality allows viewers to search for vehicles and call or message the dealer with a single-click.

izmoMobi websites are hosted on the same URL as your regular website. Our Mobile technology automatically detects whether the user is using a computer or mobile phone, instantly delivering the appropriate website. With a complete website delivery and flexible management system, izmoMobi allows you to configure your mobile website and integrate it into your marketing platform with just a few clicks.

*5/5 score in ready mobi. The nearest competitor scored 2/5

izmoRainmaker: Online Marketing & Social Media

Dominate your market with the #1 automotive marketing solution

izmoRainmaker is a comprehensive Internet marketing and Social Media solution developed exclusively for the automotive retail industry by online marketing experts.

We deliver measurable results including lower cost per lead and attractive ROI while marketing your brand, dealership and website.

Every izmocars customer works with a dedicated Rainmaker team to increase website visibility and traffic with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and market the dealer brand hrough Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).


Press Releases

Auto Industry First: izmocars Launches High-Resolution, Large-Format 3600 Spin Vehicle Animations

San Francisco, CA, January 21, 2013 :izmocars (http://www.izmocars.com), the world's leader in interactive media content for the automotive industry, today announced the release of the world’s first high-resolution, large-format, 3600 spin animations of cars for the automotive industry.



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