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Data Analytics for Auto Dealers

Using the data accumulated across the organization remains one of the biggest challenges today. FrogData is your end to end solution that transforms raw data into actionable strategic knowledge to guide decisions, helping to increase market share, revenue and profits.

FrogData’s predictive analytics is about seizing opportunities for competitive advantage by leveraging insight hidden in data. For example, knowing which customer is most likely going to stop servicing their car when their warranty is over or knowing which leads are more likely to close based on overall customer behavior trends.

The challenge today is not just in handling data but trying to understand what it’s trying to tell us. FrogData delivers cost savings, while helping you increase your market share profitably.

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Competitive advantage from analytics

Auto dealers run a business with thin margins, and the competitive edge added by analytics can drive significant improvement in profitability. If you can optimize marketing costs, a reduction of 5% from $800 per car adds another $40 per car to your margin. On a 2.2% margin business, every dollar counts!

The best companies gain improvements in financial performance because of smarter decision-making and better execution. Many auto dealers use data mining solutions, and leaders have started to explore how to bring together all the data to drive better analytics.

When you think about analytics, think about four things:

  Data Hub: Move all your data into one central hub, then clean and aggregate the data.
   If you’re not aggregating all of your data, you cannot connect the dots.

  Advanced Analysis: Apply statistical analytics and machine learning algorithms.
   Don’t just rely on your gut, let data guide your decisions.

  Best Action: Focused execution of decisions that make a difference.
   No execution, no results … enable your people to use the insights.

  Constant Review:  Check and update the analysis as your business environment
   If you don’t update your analytics, you can’t keep up.

FrogData – the total solution

We have the tools and expertise to provide a total solution for auto dealer analytics.

Data Hub: From silos to hub

Advanced Analysis: From reporting to

Best Action: From activity to focused

Constant Review: From static models to
   dynamic updates

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 Connect the dots between all
   your data from all your

 Close operations gaps, focus
   on driving the best

 Generate business
   opportunities from the
   combined data

 Prioritize and focus on the
   best actions after evaluating
   the full range of possibilities