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The Walker Acura Success Story

Walker Acura

Walker ACura


Located in Metairie, LA

Izmocars Solutions:


Intelligent designed website


Customer Relationship Management


Trevor Walker, the General Manager of Walker Acura, had neither an Internet lead management tool nor a CRM when he first signed up for izmocars iLM. He quickly became hooked on the product and the benefits of automated scheduling, email templates, and the ease of use that allowed him to tap into e-commerce.

Having found success using iLM, Mr. Walker realized that significant additional value would accrue by stepping up to izmocars’ iCRM product. The ability to view and manage showroom traffic, link in his inventory, and tightly integrate with his DMS greatly increased his opportunities for both sales and service. Mr. Walker was already familiar with iCRM’s professionalism, technical support and state-of-the-art technology, which made the decision to upgrade to iCRM an easy one, once he saw the product demonstrated and talked with the knowledgeable sales team.

The implementation happened quickly thanks to an experienced implementation team. Even better for Mr. Walker and his sales team was the on-site training sessions by iCRM trainers who not only know the product inside-out, but are able to map it to the dealer’s business processes and can recommend best practices to take advantage of its intuitive features. Walker Acura was off and running.


Thanks to these features, Walker Acura has become a much more successful dealership:

1. Web-based, only Internet access needed to use

2. Comprehensive, supporting both Sales and Service

3. DMS integration to R&R, ACS, and other DMS’s

4. Periodic releases, at least 2 per year, that maintain feature-rich enhancement advantage

5. Ability to mine data and develop targeted email campaigns

6. Intuitive, easy-to-use

By signing on with iCRM, Walker Acura has gained a significant advantage in these difficult times.


"iCRM has helped Walker Acura improve the overall function of the New Car department. The system is just what I was looking for in order to streamline the process of people and paperwork. iCRM has help me manage, pull daily reports, and has given the sales staff a plan to work everyday. iCRM has helped me grow and maintain my customer base each and everyday. I have no doubt that iCRM will help my dealership become more successful."


Trevor Walker,

General Manager, Walker Acura

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