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The Sun Toyota Success Story

Sun Toyota

Sun Toyota Superstore


4023 US Hwy 19,

New Port Richey, FL 34652

Automotive Industry

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"We wanted to weed out irrelevant traffic and bring in leads from other sources while cutting back on the PPC. It turns out we were able to do all that and more with Rainmaker."

Michael Chaparro, Internet Manager,
Sun Toyota Superstore/p>

Organic marketing through free, highly-trafficked Social Media channels such as Facebook and YouTube can take the place of expensive PPC or paid search advertising, proved Sun Toyota.

Sun Toyota is a family owned and operated dealership with a 37-year history in New Port Richey, FL. They are a member of Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC, the world’s largest independent distributor of Toyotas and Scions.

The Challenge

Sun Toyota wanted to scale back PPC expenditures and, through Rainmaker, achieve more relevant traffic through organic optimization and marketing. Before coming aboard with izmo, Sun Toyota was spending $6,000/month on paid search advertising.

Sun Toyota has a fixed advertising/marketing budget over which they have little independent control. Also, they have not increased their inventory or product offering, nor level of community involvement, since coming aboard Rainmaker.

Sun Toyota could, if they chose, reallocate more of their budget to community involvement and sponsorships, traditional advertising or PPC. They could also expand their inventory to create a broader product offering for their customer base.

The Solution

As a single rooftop client, it was both important yet simple to expedite the process of implementing the Rainmaker components. First came SEO; Sun Toyota’s new website was SEO-optimized with title tags and meta keywords to draw relevant traffic from targeted cities specified by the client, unique for every inner page of the website. Soon after came social network marketing and the creation of a Facebook business page. This was an almost instant success, as it engaged the employees and soon after the customers.

The online presence of Sun Toyota was broadened by the Facebook page, and offered opportunities to expand the content from the website, but more importantly to promote the information not present on the client’s website, including DealerRater information, commercials (linked from YouTube for SEM purposes), short-notice blogs and much more.

Facebook in particular has been a very useful tool for this client, especially because of their closely-knit, family-operated staff and loyal customers. While the content of the website changes regularly, the content of the Facebook page can be increased, changed, or deleted as necessary on an almost daily basis. In addition, the Facebook provided yet another branding opportunity with a permanent URL that cannot be forgotten: www.Facebook.com/SunToyota.

The Results

Within 60 days of launch of the new website, Sun Toyota saw an increase in targeted traffic. For nearby cities, unique visits increased as much as 200% (for a single city). From their most targeted cities, Port Richey, Clearwater and Pinellas Park, traffic increased 24.86%, 23.3% and 11.05% respectively. Also, the website page rank has increased from 2 to 3 in that short time. Since the inception of Rainmaker, Google indexed pages have multiplied from 250 in June to 523 in the first week of September 2009.

Furthermore, Sun Toyota has been able to scale back their paid search advertising, or PPC. It was initially scaled back to $4,000/month from $6,000/month, and is now at $0. Through the organic optimization and marketing of Izmocars’ Rainmaker Program, Sun Toyota has been able to reap far more “relevant” traffic while reducing their marketing expenditures by $6,000/month from PPC. As of August 2009, Sun Toyota saw just shy of 500 leads from the website and Rainmaker efforts, and is currently enjoying a 4.78% conversion rate.

Finally, after the recent “Cash for Clunkers” government program, Sun Toyota came out as the #1 highest-paid Toyota dealership of all SET, which is comprised of over 200 Toyota dealerships.

Lessons Learned

Working with Sun Toyota has proven to be an invaluable lesson in the value of the client relationship. With a communicative, enthusiastic point of contact at the dealership, Rainmaker components have been simple and easy to implement. With his assistance in providing content, especially for the Facebook page, Sun Toyota’s prognosis for growth is astounding.

The other obvious lesson to be taken away from this experience is that organic marketing through free, highly-trafficked channels such as Facebook can take the place of expensive PPC or paid search advertising, so long as the client relationship is maintained with fresh, new content on a regular basis.

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Free Website Evaluation

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