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The Rick Case Honda Success Story

Rick Case

Rick Case Honda


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Key Benefits:


  • Website intelligently designed for conversion
  • Immersive content including the industry leading "izmotoolkit" ensures higher levels of customer engagement . The longer they stay, the more likely they are to submit a lead.


  • Online Marketing focused on Organic leads ensures long term search visibility and more credibility with prospects.
  • Organic leads convert at a much higher rate, whicj is almost 11% for Rick Case Honda
  • Dedicated marketing team, optimized advertising spend.

In less than three months with izmoWeb and Rainmaker, Rick Case Honda in Fort Lauderdale has seen a 41.5% increase in unique visitors to its website, as well as an almost 20% increase in traffic from organic search engine results.

Rick Case Honda in Fort Lauderdale is a success story right from the start. Quickly seizing their first mover advantage, the dealership expanded to accommodate a growing customer base with every possible amenity in place to ensure customer retention. With izmocars on board for Internet presence and marketing, Rick Case Honda has now become unstoppable.

In the fall of 2008, Rick Case Enterprises, Inc. decided it was time to better serve their online customers by teaming up with izmocars and creating websites that are more user-friendly and customer-focused.By early April of 2009, the Rick Case Automotive Group launched a fleet of new “izmo” websites that are “intelligently designed,” based on years of market and customer research. The fresh, new online presence has been a great success, especially for Rick Case Honda in Davie, FL, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale.

Sales for the entire automotive group was up compared to last year, possibly owing to the scaling back of budgets for print, direct mail, and other traditional marketing methods, while reallocating funds to Internet marketing. The izmo- Rainmaker Program, comprehensive and holistic in its approach and execution, has proven to be the perfect solution.

In less than three months with izmoWeb and Rainmaker, Rick Case Honda in Fort Lauderdale has seen a 41.5% increase in unique visitors to its website, as well as an almost 20% increase in traffic from organic search engine results. In the month of June 2009, the website generated over a thousand leads with a conversion rate just shy of 11%.


The progress and performance of Rick Case Honda Fort Lauderdale is the result of being consistent and proactive. The basic components of search engine optimization were refined promptly after launch, quickly followed by multiple submissions to large and small search engines and directories. The izmoRainmaker program uses blogs consistently to propagate fresh, new, searchable content for Rick Case Honda, and these blogs facilitate link building.The izmoRainmaker team also continuously issued search-optimized press releases related to the company and dealership, and created a social networking presence for the dealership. The Social Media foray began with a Facebook business profile 90 days after launch, when sufficient content had been implemented on the website to warrant an active social presence.

While the Rick Case brand, along with its Honda presence in Fort Lauderdale, was a solid foundation to begin with, the keys to online success in this case have been the consistency of new content and the proactiveness of the Rainmaker team immediately following the website launch, which was sustained and continuously improved upon, thereafter..

About Rick Case

Rick Case opened his first Honda car dealership in Akron, Ohio in June 1972, setting a record for the most Honda cars ever sold in one month in the United States. 30 years later, Rick Case Honda opened in Fort Lauderdale and again set the record in August 2003 for most new Honda cars ever sold in one month, 1222, a record still unsurpassed. In December of 2005, Rick Case set another record, which he still holds, that of the most new Honda motorcycles sold in one month, 614. To this day, Rick Case Honda in Fort Lauderdale is the largest sales volume Honda dealership in the state of Florida. Rick Case Honda has sustained its competitive advantage both as a dealership and as a brand.

The dealership is now a multi-functional facility. In addition to holding sales volume records and an impressive history, the dealership now offers a discount gas station, and free car washes for life. 3800 people vote in the showroom during every local and national election, and there is even a County Clerk of Courts office where marriage licenses are applied for alongside reinstatement of drivers' licenses. Visitors can even eat in the café and get a haircut at the in-house barbershop before visiting the in-house wedding chapel!

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