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The Napleton Automotive Group Success Story


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Napleton Group opts for iLM

For Sia Anseri, Director of e-Commerce at the Napleton group of auto dealerships, the problem was a lack of information about the use of the several tools by the sales teams in their many dealerships. The critical move to the internet to attract buyers was proving difficult because he was unable to track usage and get reports on the individual efforts of the sales reps and his internet sales managers, not to mention see the big picture. Leads were coming in, but were they being responded to in a timely manner? What kind of follow-up was being done?

Without such information he was unable to determine whether he was getting an optimal return for his internet sales strategy and his tools investments. Adding to his frustrations was the lack of timely, reliable support when his internet sales team encountered problems or needed assistance.

The Napleton group operates a growing family of dealerships in the US. Currently, there are 12 Napleton dealerships using iLM.

When Sia discovered iLM, he was excited and saw it as the answer to many of his problems. The ability to automate and schedule follow-up emails to internet leads and reminders of next steps for the sales reps was important. The fact that iLM allows an enterprise view of all of his dealerships so he can access and manage them from one sign-on was a big plus. That it was integrated with izmocar’s iCRM product provided long-term growth potential and gave him hope that some day he could realize his objective of getting all of his dealerships under the umbrella of a single product.

The move was easier than he had anticipated. Since iLM is provided as a service directly from the Internet, there were no installations required at the dealerships. In no time Napleton was using iLM in 12 of its dealerships. A bonus that izmocars threw in – the import of third party data for several of the dealerships – provided instantly a base from which to conduct email campaigns and immediately take advantage of the robust features of the tool. The reporting tool and the ability to drill down online to individual usage of the system gave Mr. Anseri what he needed to track and enforce use of the system.

In a recent comment to Saphura Long, izmocars’ Vice President of iCRM and iLM, regarding one of the iLM reports, Mr. Anseri observed: “It is great to know that 72 Napleton employees hit your server over 11,000 times during the month of July”.

Perhaps the greater surprise was the responsive, effective support provided by iLM’s knowledgeable customer support team. Reflecting on the quality of the product and his overall satisfaction with iLM, Mr. Anseri noted “I believe your outstanding customer service and the ease of use are a contributing factor and I cannot say enough about the training program and your professional and knowledgeable trainers”.

With prospects good for continued expansion, Mr. Anseri can now be assured that he has the tool – iLM – that will accommodate his growing family of dealerships.

Key Benefits:

  • Enterprise view supports multiple dealerships under one sign-on
  • Implement in less than one day
  • Multiple levels allow management oversight
  • Email campaigns
  • Automatic scheduling of lead management responses


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