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The Damson Automotive Success Story

Jerry Damson

Damson Automotive Group

Employees: 250

Izmocars Products & Services:

iCRM - Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Solution

Key Benefits:

  • Easy integration and interface with DMS/ACS
  • Assured high-availability of customer data to all employees regardless of geographical dispersion.
  • Enabled capital to be used more effectively

Jerry Damson reinvents their client management strategy and increases customer responsiveness and sales while reducing costs.

"Even in these difficult economic times, we have continued to be a leader in our market." – Damson Automotive Group

One of the largest dealers in the state of Alabama - Damson Automotive - needed to change their client management strategy in order to retain their leadership in the tough economic decade ahead. Damson’s policy was to train members of their automotive family exhaustively in client relationship management.

However, in the year 2000, it became obvious that the dealership had to lower their communication and marketing cost, while staying focused and nimble. Marketing cost had grown astronomically with the use of print and regular advertising channels, resulting in an increase of more than $1000 per customer contact.

The question became how could they continue to extend that warm, fuzzy feeling to thousands of clients without hiring a corporate army.

Making Customer Information Accessible to Everyone

After an exhaustive research on all CRM available in the automotive space, Damson settled on izmocars' iCRM.

iCRM, a web-based Enterprise Level Solution, met and solved all of the Damson requirements:

With their management team based in Alabama and dealerships dispersed across the state, Damson needed a solution that could be easily used by all team members and easily accessed throughout the state without investing into an internal network.

Leading with Relevant and Timely Customer Communication

izmocars’ iCRM was the only solution that possessed all of the above criteria. Today, the company attributes a great deal of their success to iCRM and its nimble, easy style of communication with their clients. As Damson Automotive comments, "Even in these difficult economic times, we have continued to be a leader in our market."

Damson has been our client for nine years and we wish this wonderful organization many years of continued success.

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