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The Acton Toyota Success Story

Acton Toyota

Acton Toyota


221 Great Road Littleton,
MA 01460

General Manager:
Mike Hills

Parts Director:
Mike Coffey

Accessory Manager:
Shawnee Wandless

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In-store Accessories Sales

"With AOA's menu based selling concept we were able to present accessories to all our customers and stay consistent in our pricing. In the Month of November 2009, we sold accessories worth $125,000. This would not have been possible without AOA."

Shawnee Wandless

Accessory Manager, Acton Toyota

Located in Littleton, Massachusetts, Acton Toyota is #35 in Ward's e-Dealer 100 ranking. The Dealership is #1 in Prius sales and is the #1 retailer of Toyota Certified Used Vehicles in the Boston Region. DealerRater.com named Acton Toyota its 2009 DealerRater.com Dealer of the Year.

As part of their ongoing initiatives to increase revenues and profits, Acton Toyota was on the lookout for an accessories sales solution that will grow accessory sales, increase profits per deal, provide a better shopping experience to customers, and increase revenues at fixed operations.

The Challenge

To accomplish their goals the Dealership needed a comprehensive approach to sell accessories on the showroom floor.

  • Acton Toyota needed an accessory sales process that will easily integrate with their vehicle selling.
  • The dealership also needed a presentation process that can be used consistently by the sales department to present accessories to customers
  • Sales staff needed training to sell accessories
  • Management needed a tracking mechanism through which they can track presentations by sales people.
  • The Parts Manager needed a solution where he can easily manage pricing and availability of accessories offered by the dealer
  • Acton Toyota wanted all departments and staff to quote the same products and pricing.

The Solution

izmocars suggested the AOA Accessories Sales Solution together with a sales and process training package. Implementation was offered in 3 phases.

Phase - 1 : Implement Showroom Accessories Sales

Phase - 2 : Implement Parts and Service area Accessories sales

Phase - 3 : Implement online sales of accessories through the dealer website

The 1st Phase solution was implemented and Acton Toyota started offering accessories on the showroom floor from September 15th. It includes:

  • A web based Virtual Inventory presentation software that helps sales people offer accessories to their customers by letting them visualize Accessories on the vehicle of their choice.
  • Menu based format - presentations can be made as Cash or Payments making it easier for customers to choose.
  • A Control Panel that allows the dealer to easily select the accessories and their pricing. The Parts manager can select parts by category, by manufacture or individually.
  • Online & Onsite training to all role players, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and understands the process of accessory sales.

As the program is web based, the dealer saved thousands of dollars in setup.

Accessories are mostly offered after negotiating the car deal while the customer is waiting for F&I. All presentations are stored in the back end so that the dealer can track and monitor the success of the accessories department. Dealer packages can also be offered to promote certain products.

Before implementation, management staff was interviewed and a process was established for the Sales department and Fixed Operations.

Phase 2 of the solution was implemented on Oct 20th and Acton Toyota started offering accessories in the Fixed operations area.

AOA and Acton Toyota are now planning the implementation of Phase 3.


The Results

  • After the initial training, Acton Toyota started offering accessories on the showroom floor and 45 days later through fixed operations as well. The Dealership reported an immediate increment in accessory sales. Prior to AOA, the dealership was not promoting accessories and sales were minimal. Acton Toyota sold $125,000 in accessories for November, 2009, just 2 months into the program.
  • Since AOA provides all the necessary information of accessories purchased including SKU numbers, the Parts department can fulfill orders efficiently.
  • Sales people find it very easy to present accessories to their customers as they are able to show parts visually added to the customer’s vehicle. After AOA implementation, 100% of the sales staff has started presenting accessories on a consistent basis.
  • With the current track of accessory sales, sales people may average $5,000 to $10,000 increase in their pay for the year.
  • By using the Reports section of AOA, dealer management is able to analyze sales staff performance and the parts being sold. This has helped in identifying employees who are not following the process, as well as better planning technician hours for installations.


Dealership Feedback: Acton Toyota
speaks to AOA

Que : Why do your customers buy accessories at the time of purchase?

Ans : They are more excited at the time since they are buying their vehicle. In some cases they can finance the accessories which makes it easier on their budget.

Que : Does accessory sales affect any other department?

Ans : No! Actually the best part of this system is that it is incremental business and does not affect the price of the car or F&I sales.

Que : What are your top selling accessories?

Ans : Body-side Moldings and Remote Engine Start

Que : When is the best time to offer accessories to your customers?

Ans : For the Sales Department it is after car negotiations and before signing contracts.

Que : What do you like the most about AOA?

Ans : Easy access for all dealer staff to present accessories to customers. You sell products that you would think will not sell and those customers you would normally think will not buy end up purchasing products. With its menu based selling concept we could sell $3,000 to $4,000 to one customer. That would not have been possible without AOA.

Que : How has AOA training helped your staff and your dealerships accessory sales?

Ans : Training has been excellent, and accompanied with the right tools, has helped us in implementing a process that has shown immediate results.

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