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Customer Testimonials

Interactive Media

Mitsubishi Motors North America

Our images have turned out great this year and we are so happy with everything. The team goes far and above the call of duty. They listen to us and make all attempts to get us what we are looking for as well as offer solutions to how something could be better--they aren't just "yes-men"; they use their knowledge and experience when appropriate and that is appreciated.

We have had many challenges with the new agency coming aboard and trying to find their way through our processes, but Chris is ALWAYS more than accommodating and I am ever grateful for that. It is very common for a new agency to put up a fuss when asked to utilize vendor-partners who are already in place and, as expected, we went through a phase of that as well. By the second shoot, your team had won them over and I believe their exact comment was: "Where in the world did you ever find these guys? They're amazing!"

So hats off to the Long Beach crew!

Specialist, Marketing & Advertising
Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.

In-Store Accessories Sales

Johnstons Toyota

The additional profits from accessory sales have allowed us to put deals together that we might have not done in the past. The recall and Tsunami years have made us become better more well rounded dealers that don't have to rely on the sale of new cars as much.

Steve Jardine
Vice President
Johnstons Toyota, NY

Precision Toyota

Hands Down, the Best Company we have Ever Teamed With...

I have been very impressed by the support and backing that your company has provided to make sure we are successful. It really feels like we have a partner in the accessories business.

I was shocked at the level of support your team has provided. Hands down, the best company we have ever teamed with to sell accessories. Also, I must give you kudos on going out and hiring REAL car people to come into our dealership.

Jason Scott
Sales Manager and Accessory Champion
Precision Toyota

Websites & Online Marketing

Lawless Chrysler Jeep Dodge

"izmocars contributed 56% of total BDC sales and 31% of total sales"
To close the year we topped it off by being the number 1 Chrysler Jeep Dealer in the New England region for the month of December - we sold 158 cars.

We acknowledge and recognize the efforts made by the izmocars web team as well as others to make it happen and we sincerely appreciate it. We also understand that 2011 will offer new challenges, and while continuing to remain on the cutting edge of the digital dealership world we feel confident that the izmocars web team will provide us with the assurance we need to keep us competitive in the Internet market.

We are also very pleased that with the new platform and the new cutting edge technology and the professionalism in which the izmocars team will bring it to fruition, we will stay ahead of the curve as we have in the past.

In closing I would like to share some metrics with you. Our conversion rate was over 20%. izmocars contributed 56% of the total BDC sales and 31% of the total sales for the dealership. Great job take a bow!!!

Thanks again team.

Patrick Cox
Director of Management Training

Lawless Chrysler Jeep Dodge

City Chevrolet, Hendrick Automotive Group

"Thank God for Rainmaker!"
"I would recommend Rainmaker to anyone and I’m not afraid to say that. I want to let the numbers speak for me though. Because we stopped buying 3rd party leads from other providers and rely on Rainmaker, our valid leads have gone up and it’s easier for us to turn leads into sales. Our cost-per-lead has gone down and our gross Internet sales have nearly doubled. Thank God for Rainmaker. We have been number one in Internet sales in all of Hendrick Automotive Group for 12 months straight."

Joe Edwards
CDC/Internet Sales & Marketing Director

City Chevrolet, Hendrick Automotive Group

Brian Harris BMW

My assignment as point of contact for the development of the Brian Harris BMW / AUDI / Porsche web sites has been an exceptional and delightful experience. I must admit that the patience, concern, interest, and willingness that was expressed by IZMO throughout the period of development and to start up has been remarkable. With regards to the preparation of our franchises' web sites, I can now state it was actually a pleasure to work with ALL the point of contacts involved at IZMO.

The development of the web sites has been a flawless process without any problems from beginning to "Start Up". You and your TEAM have displayed the ability to fulfill the communications and actions necessary to put our new web site together in an expedient and pleasant manner.

Thanks again and hats off to the IZMO "TEAM" for making this happen; our organization is very excited with the results. We look forward to any future opportunities that will continue moving us into the next generation of electronic communications. On behalf of the Brian Harris Organization’s BMW / AUDI / and Porsche franchises please feel free to utilize my name as a possible reference at any time.

John A. Guerin
Business Development Manager
Brian Harris BMW

Automotive CRM and ILM

Saturn of Columbus

Since we have been on iCRM for more than three years now, we have seen tremendous growth within our stores. Last year, 28% of our Internet leads took delivery. Our on-line credit application delivered 50%! We had the lowest turnover in sales consultants in years as well.

Scott Uber
Business Development Manager
Saturn of Columbus

Jess Ford

izmoCRM is the single most valuable product that we have for selling cars and following up on our customers. But the #1 overall best thing is their customer service.

Wade Jess
Jess Ford

Faulkner Automotive Group

"iCRM has worked very hard to improve our performance. They will do anything we ask – they are very flexible. iCRM is very committed to our success with CRM."

Al Sherwood,
Faulkner Automotive Group

Paul Moak Automotive Group

"iCRM has been an important part of our business plan for almost 10 years. As the importance of CRM has grown and become critical to what we do, we have found that iCRM consistently provides industry leading features and benefits. The iCRM web-based software together with the training and support we receive from their staff more than meets our needs for an effective efficient CRM system to help us compete in today’s automobile environment. "

Paul G. Moak, Jr.
Paul Moak Automotive Group

Sales Performance Coaching

Wilde Honda

"We were skeptical at first, when we hired the iConsult Coach to help us hold gross profit in a highly competitive market. We already had great market share, we were selling more than 100 vehicles on line per month.

Our first month after the initial training, we sold just as many vehicles. However, we grossed an additional $500 per car. That’s $50,000 in one month!"

"JR" Jim Reifenrath,
Wilde Honda
Waukesha WI.

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